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English Educational Services has been successfully assessing and presenting qualified EFL teachers and native English speakers for private language schools, international day schools, public sector schools and companies all over Spain since 1986. We provide a comprehensive service to all native-speaking, qualified EU graduates. The typical profile of a Language Assistant/teacher candidate is an EU citizen and a native English speaker with a University Degree. Many of our candidates are recent graduates wishing to come to Spain and find a position in a primary school, secondary school, or in a private language academy. Nevertheless, applications are welcome regardless of age or professional background. We continually present qualified native EFL teachers to English Language Schools all over Spain. This is a service for qualified natives meeting the appropriate requirements. Also, applications from couples are very welcome.

We present candidates all over Spain, and we also work with EFL schools from many parts of the country, throughout the year. All positions are full-time and renumerated. We will assist you with in-country support throughout your time in Spain. 


  • Language Assistants. New positions starting all over Spain in February 2020 and for the academic year 2020-2021 APPLY NOW!



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If you're interested in teaching in Spain and would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact us!
If your institution is looking for talent and would like to submit a request, contact us here:

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